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How To Volunteer

If you’re looking for a great group of people to volunteer with, look no further! MAMA is looking for individuals across MT to help further enrich Montana music communities. Help MAMA with events, outreach, marketing, hosting, fundraising and more. We look forward to connecting with you!
University of Montana Students: We will be offering accredited internships for students at the University of Montana this Spring!

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What does it mean to be a MAMA member? You believe in connecting and empowering the musicians and creators in your community. You believe that musicians and creators deserve an opportunity to advocate for fair wages. You believe in the power of intentional listening. You want to see more venues uphold guidelines to promote the most enjoyable, accessible and safe environment. You believe in creating opportunity for the musicians and creators in your community. You believe that the power of community with clear, positive intentions can change the world for the better. It means knowing our mission, values, and visions and educating others on how they can make an impact through volunteering, promoting or donating to MAMA. 

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