Our committees keep us going

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MAMA is built of a group of amazing volunteers from our community. Together we make up the Leadership Team, Audit/Budget/Finance Committee, Education Committee, PROS Committee, Board Development Committee, Advisory Board & Events Committee


Daniel Curry, Tom Bensen, Andy Huppert

The Audit Budget/Finance Committee creates the budget for MAMA based on upcoming events and needs. They are the checks and balances for keeping finances in order.


Led by Amanda Miller

The Events Committee is in charge of organizing, booking artists and promoting MAMA’s monthly event Songwriters Circle: Montana. In addition, they book our four annual events.


Barbara Neilan, Kira Lee, Chris Sand

Exists to add board members to the board as terms expire.


Jesse Dochnal, Kira Lee, Rodrick Duran, Chris Hyslop, James Randall, Heather Adams, Naomi Siegel, Maria Zepeda, Anthony Brown, Callie Morris

The Education Committee has helped our executive leadership team handcraft MAMAcademy based input from the community through a series of surveys given to the Missoula art community by way of representatives of the Destination Missoula Arts Committee.


Andy Huppert, Callie Morris, Rodrick Duran, Joe Glassy, Matt Olson, Naomi Siegel, Britt Arnesen, Cole Grant, Rebecca Kelley

The PRO’s Committee (Performing Rights Organization) is in charge of collecting venue demographics and related information to gauge interest and solicit support for action across the state.


Naomi Siegel, Matt Olson, Joe Glassy, Mikyla Veis, Rebecca Kelley, Britt Arnesen, Cole Grant, Chris Hyslop

The Advisory Board aids MAMA in its efforts through strategic planning, critiques, and ideas. Since August of 2019, they’ve acted as a sounding board for MAMA and guided us through the stages of being a startup nonprofit.