Board of Directors

thank you to these amazing individuals

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The individuals on our board of directors were chosen by the executive leadership team based on their outstanding qualities of advocacy, creativity, passion and consistency. Their dedication to uplift our arts community inspires, promotes and supports the MAMA mission. We are honored to have the help and experience of these fantastic people.

The Board’s Mission

The Board of Directors select the Executive Director to keep MAMA in alignment with the mission, vision and values. They oversee the fundraising portion of MAMA, call meetings to address concerns, ideas and actions of the organization, and act as the legislative branch of MAMA. Members of the Board of Directors meet quarterly to assess the progress, contributions and work of MAMA in accordance to MAMA’s bylaws. We are always looking to expand our connections across MT. If you or someone you know would like to know more about sitting on our Board of Directors, please contact us at (Those on board must be MT state residents).

MAMA’s Board Members

Barbara Neilan (Chairperson of the Board & Chair of the board development Committee)
Tom Bensen (Treasurer)
Callie Morris (Secretary)
Andy Huppert (Chair of Pros Committee)
Jesse Dochnahl (Chair of Education Committee)
Daniel Curry (Chair of Audit, Budget and Finance Committee)
Chris Sand (Vice Chairman of the Board)
Rodrick Duran
Kira Lee